Sven of Fire Kraken plays with a staff

Sven Firebrand

Sven is the defacto leader of Fire Kraken. He has been playing with fire all of his life, and most recently in a constructive way for the past 16 years. He is an explosive performer with Poi, Staff, Devil Sticks and just about any thing you can light on fire. He started his fire dancing with a group in the San Francisco Bay area called Fire Pixie , after he left the bay area he moved up to Portland and joined PDXyar for a while , and although he was having a great time, it was not the right place for his fiery pursuits. He left on good terms and started Fire and Cello with his girlfriend, Aubrey. Fire and Cello quickly grew and become much more, and that is when Fire Kraken was born.


Bellicose Monday fire performer of Fire Kraken

Bellicose Monday


If Sven is the leader Bellicose is his number 2. Sven and Bellicose met while part of the pirate performance troupe PDXyar and both had a passion for fire. When it came time to form a dedicated fire group Bellicose was there to support Sven, and has been there ever since. She is not only a talented fire performer with her Orb of Fire, but she is also an amazing writer, singer,  and burlesque dancer.



Belle Devious Fire Fan performer of Fire Kraken

Belle Devious


Belle Devious comes to Fire Kraken as a burner from LA has done a lot parties, events and has performed at Burning Man out in the desert of Nevada. She has been spinning fire the second longest in the group and she has the ability to mesmerize the crowd with her movements, she currently uses fire fans and fire poi, but soon she will be debuting her moves with a flaming hula-hoop.



Blue Catastrophe fire performer of Fire Kraken

Blue Catastrophe


Blue Catastrophe gained his name during a costumed super-hero pub crawl, and it fit as well as anything. Blue has been spinning fire for only a couple years, but he looks like he has been at it more much longer. Aside some spinning poi he also works with Bellicose to write music for Fire Kraken, and often sings and plays guitar and standup base.



Fancy Nate Fire performer and actor of fire kraken

Fancy Nate


Fancy Nate is the newest to fire performance, but he is rookie to performance. A trained actor Fancy brings much of the needed levity to Fire Krakens performances with his narrations and several bits, including one in which he makes smores. Fancy does play with fire, just like the rest of us, he has picked up the fire staff and has become one with it.



Aubrey Cello of Fire Kraken

Aubrey Cello


Aubrey Cello is the heart that keeps Fire Kraken pumping, her constant excitement and joy keeps us pushing on ward when we are stuck, whether it is with a song, a move with our fire toys, or even just getting motivated to practice it one… more… time. She is a musician with the group and plays the cello to accompany Blue and Bellicose on their songs, and she is also an amazing dancer which she accents with her fire fingers.

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